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Blackberry Messenger on Apple and Android?

News, or rumors hopefully, have surfaced that Blackberry Messenger or better known as BBM will be made available to other smartphones such as iPhones and Android. What are those guys at RIM thinking? Sure, widen their market share on smartphone-to-smartphone messaging service, like Whatsapp, PingChat (which I think is horrible), and LiveProfile. But I think … Continue reading

Men: The Hidden Victims of Wartime Rape (NYT)

Here is a great piece of article from the New York Times. By Lara Stemple AS disturbing new reports of male rape in Congo made clear, wartime sexual violence isn’t limited to women and girls. But in its ongoing effort to eradicate rape during conflict, the United Nations continues to overlook a significant imperative: ending wartime sexual … Continue reading

Tangled: Indonesia’s Twisted Tale of Religion

The Alis are making headlines this year.   After Marzuki Ali’s recent commotion on Indonesian housemaids, Suryadharma Ali, Indonesia’s very own Religious Affairs Minister, proved to the world that he is indeed an incompetent like what most people think. Among the plethora of questions in the stories of Indonesia’s religious freedom under the rule of … Continue reading