We have bigger problems than Peterporn

Ariel, the Victim

From a national pop sensation, to a porn superstar in just over a night; Not quite your conventional career transition.

You see, most career changes involving Indonesian celebrities usually end up in the House of Representatives, or as your next mayor, or district heads.

Ariel Peterpan, however, took a slightly different path.

His private sex tapes were leaked by an unknown source, and their videos are downloaded at an explosive rate. His names are all over; from blogs, television, magazines, newspapers, social networking sites and he even made it on the pages of New York Times.

I’m not here to talk about Ariel, or Luna Maya, or Cut Tari. You can find more credible sources out there.

I’m here to talk about how Indonesia’s fixation of sex, be it scandalous or not, is damaging this country.

You see, sex in this country is not a taboo despite what everybody thinks. Everyone here talks about sex. We have newspapers specializing in publishing racy photos, sex articles, sex-related crimes, and all of these are not exactly journalistic pieces.

Islamic groups here objected to the existence of Playboy magazine, but not to cheap production of local pornographic novels that used words such as ‘swords’, ‘dark wet caves’, ‘bushes’, and other gross association.

If sex was taboo, millions of Jakarta citizens wouldn’t watch Peterporn together at their offices, sometimes with their bosses. If sex was taboo, no television stations would have gotten into trouble for rolling some scenes of the porn. If sex was taboo, the statistics of teenage sex in this country wouldn’t have reached 60% and over.

And that’s exactly the problem.

Sexual liberation in Indonesia is seen as a threat to morality, and porn is blamed as the driving force of this process. The result: The Pornography Law, created by a bunch of conservative worn out lawmakers oblivious to the real problems of this country.

Activists opposing the Pornography Law in court

The controversial Pornography Law prohibits the action of producing, distributing, replicating, selling, buying and/or even downloading porn.  Just by reading this, you know this law will fail, and serves nothing but to mask the truth.

First of all, if downloading and buying porn in this country can get you in jail for 4-5 years, Indonesia will have most of its population behind bars. Even the guys who run the prisons will be jailed.

However, Ariel Peterpan is at risk of being charged under the Pornography Law of producing pornographic material, which could carry a maximum of 12 years in jail, EVEN though, he was taping his sex scene for private viewing.

It’s funny that hard-line Islamic groups out there, like the FPI, dare to label him and the women involved as “Moral Terrorists”, when in reality they are victims of theft, blackmail, and extortion, three very serious crimes in this country. If Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari are moral terrorists, whatever that means, I can’t imagine what to call the FPI members… Oh, that’s right, terrorists. 

What these people need is support, and in fact, help, from everyone because their rights have been violated. They should have the right to record themselves having sex privately as much as having the right to download porn in this country without getting caught. Yes, that includes all of us.

You know what’s really taboo in this country? Religions.

As one of the most religious countries in the world, Indonesians are afraid, and refrain to talk about religions. Except of course, if it was positive.

But if one was to criticize a certain religion, especially the ones that most people in this country believe in, all hell will break loose, but at the same time, the media will start to shut up, so will the police.

And crimes involving religions are usually treated more leniently, or so it seems.

There was a man by the name Syeh Puji, and somehow, someway, he managed to marry this girl called Ulfa, who was obviously a child. The National Commission of Children Protection (KOMNASPA) filed a report to the police to make an arrest as this obviously broke the law, not to mention, it is horrifying to imagine a man marrying someone who is the age of his grand-daughter.

Ulfa and Syeh Puji

In short, Syeh Puji was not arrested, and let free. No one knows why he was released, but it could be because he was apparently quite rich, or maybe, just maybe the fact that, his status, and his religion allows underage marriage to take place, and he even said that to his defense during his arrest.

And when this happened, FPI and other hard-line groups were not seen protesting against Syeh Puji’s criminal act. They, surprisingly, kept quiet.

FPI is also known for its act above the law, yet receiving no whatsoever consequences.

With their record of violence, all in the name of God and religion, police have been soft on them. In fact, not just the police, but even mayors have bowed down to their pressure. This could be because of their violent nature, but it could also be because of religious pressure.

FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) doing their thing: Anarchy

This is a major problem in Indonesia as far as I see it, because police are sending signal that it is more acceptable to beat people up in public and destroying things, than it is to make love to your lovers on tape.

House of Representatives, well, without representatives

What this nation should focus right now, is honestly not Ariel making love to Luna Maya, or Cut Tari, but to our lawmakers who have not passed a single law since the new cabinet is sworn in, yet all of our taxes are wasted on them.

More importantly, Indonesia needs to wake up and realize the real dangers, and which by the way, is not sex. It is the lack of education, corruption, mafia-nism, and the growing false-sense of Islamization that is attacking our constitution, our unity, and our youth.

Indonesians need to worry and fix our country’s inability to uphold laws where, and when they need to be, regardless of religions, cultures, ethnicity, and political/economical background.

We need to realize that each and every one of us has basic rights guaranteed by our constitution, and if some groups or laws are causing us to lose these rights, we need to teach them some lessons. We need to show them that we too have the voice to speak, to shout back, to attack back, and take back what should belong to most of us; peace.

Growing sense of Islamization: Jihad

To KOMNASPA, there are things more damaging to children’s minds than porn, and they are violence and religious extremism. I don’t see them on the frontline when it comes to these.

FPI (Islamic Defenders Front), and other hard-liners should never be given the space to preach in this country. Their message of hatred, and violence will further stain Indonesia’s image, and Islam itself. Corrupt the minds of the young, and steal the most basic privillege we should have; our peace of mind.

To Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari, all the best for them. Support from Indonesians have surfaced everywhere, and it even goes beyond our borders.

Most notably, Vicky Vette on her Twitter account.

And to all the people who frown about sex, grow up.

Peterpan obviously has.


Join this group to support Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari.

This is the link to the support group:


If the link on the picture does not work, simply login to facebook, and search:


2 Responses to “We have bigger problems than Peterporn”
  1. eyesopen says:

    Who do u think u are? Will you not fear God? U are obviously a disbeliver and if a muslim , a hyprocrite. Indonesia is a country populated by mostly muslim people.
    Muslims are ppl submitted to God and to His will. And God prohibitd adultery because not to make us angry but for our own good. This life is OBVIOUSLY temporary. One day you will die , if you’re 20 years of age (like me) u will probably have 60 or 70 years to live if you’re ‘lucky’ and whatever this ‘luck’ thing is. Anyway from your ‘article’ you are obviously completely OBLIVIOUS to the fact of the existance of God and His Orders.
    Muslims are not violent , its just that they extremely frustrated of how sins are comitted openly and they no power to correct it. They have to live with streotypes made by the disbelieving Whites and the other disbelievers. Your concept of ‘open mindedness’ and ‘maturity’ are actually throwing yourself in the pits of Hell. Seriously the End is Nigh , I know it sounds cheesy but it is nothing but the truth. Most indonesians ARE NOT MODEL of the True Muslim Belivers.They massacre and rape people . But obviously not all of them are ‘monsters’.

    Seriously do you think this Ariel is better than people who do not commit adultery?
    People who fear God.You are Wrong. I know you will not believe but SOOn You will see.

    Please dont mind my English.

  2. Bubo says:

    Very interesting words. But let’s be honest. Indonesia isn’t really one of the most religious countries in the world. Yet… It is the most munafik 😉

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