Blackberry Messenger on Apple and Android?

News, or rumors hopefully, have surfaced that Blackberry Messenger or better known as BBM will be made available to other smartphones such as iPhones and Android.

Blackberry Messenger on an iPhone. The apocalypse is near. (Taken from

What are those guys at RIM thinking? Sure, widen their market share on smartphone-to-smartphone messaging service, like Whatsapp, PingChat (which I think is horrible), and LiveProfile. But I think giving away something as exclusive as BBM to other smartphones really takes away the fun edge of owning a Blackberry.
In Indonesia, the main force of the popularity of Blackberry among youngsters is BBM. Executives stick to their Blackberry for their efficiency, great enterprise system, and to communicate among business members effectively. Now in these two markets, Blackberry Messenger plays a great role.
Apple is famous for their Apps (mostly games), and their annoying fan base. Android, for their user-friendly interface and rich experience. And Blackberry for their effective and efficient communication. Why take away an integral part of that to other devices.
Whatsapp, LiveProfile, and PingChat cannot be compared to Blackberry Messenger, or as I would like to call it the BBM Experience. They can’t simulate the same feeling or connectivity. I don’t know why, but the BBM experience is exclusive.
I can’t imagine the time when Nokia users start asking me my PIN, and when iPhones’ screens display the words “Blackberry Messenger”.
This is obviously not a Technology blog, but as a Blackberry enthusiast, I’d hate to see this happen.
So, RIM, hear my plea!

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