Silent Indonesians

We have allowed churches to be destroyed.

We have allowed FPI to beat, harass, and literally do whatever they want.

We have allowed a bunch of mob beat the hell out of a person to death in public.

The list goes on.

I love this country, but I can’t help to wonder, what is wrong with us?

We pride on having democracy. We pride to be the melting pot of various cultures. We pride to have the five constitutional principles that cherish our differences, and unite us to become one. We pride that our flag is red, and white; red representing courage, and white to represent holiness.

The worst, those who claim they believe in the Almighty, behave worse than Satanists do.

Now, before I’m stoned to death by the blind patriotism that has swept across this great nation of ours, I would like to clarify my claims.

I’m not saying we are intolerant of differences, but I am saying most of us are afraid of intolerant people and let them go their ways.

I’m not saying that we are not democratic, we are. In fact, I think, we are too democratic to the extent that some of us think they can do whatever they want.

I’m not saying that we are millions of headless chickens running around a yard, oh but actually, I am saying that.

Not only are we cowards, we are just down right crazy.

Our nation, especially our people, has put corruption next to the Satan. But yet, some of us have insulted, under-appreciate (and possibly kicked off) the woman who is responsible behind all the reform programs that gave hell to all these bastards (my friend calls them geniuses).

And why did we do this?

For an expensive bail-out of a bank that did no negative effect to our nation, and at the same time, she did wonders to our economy. She’s fearless, she’s young (in political years), she’s super educated, and she’s much better than our former female president. In short, if there was a political FHM magazine, she would win the sexiest woman alive (politically, of course).

Well, she’s now a managing director at the World Bank. Enough said.

People like her, now that she has left. Maybe not one of our conglomerates, because he hated her guts for wanting a tax reform out of his billion dollar industry.You do the math.

At the same time, possibly, our biggest corruptor is ruling a political party. Our modest corruptors are running around in our House of Representatives, playing advocates in the name of the people.

One can judge if their politicians are hungry for power by the number of political parties they have. Indonesia has tens of them, and does that mean they have tens of different political beliefs? NO, they all believe in the same bureaucratic bullshit. They probably copy-pasted each other’s mission and vision, and add bits of decorated words such as “people’s aspirations” on a new paragraph.

These people just can’t take the fact that they are not the leaders of the group.

If you’re a foreigner reading this you’ll probably think, “Damn, what a stupid nation”, and if you’re a Malaysian you’ll probably be cursing at us anyway.

I am here to tell you that we are not stupid, well, most of us aren’t.

It’s just that the stupid ones are apparently the bravest bunch in this country, and unfortunately they are the most outspoken. (So, don’t be fooled by major international news channels, especially one that is named after an animal, because they tell half the stories.)

This is a blow to Indonesia. It sucks that the image of this country is in the hands of these bunch of unemployed, suppressed, and sexually-frustrated losers. Many of them even took God in their actions.

If God was to come back to Earth, he/she would say “That’s not what I mean, bitch.”

I’m not a big fan of God, especially the worshippers, but these church goers deserve their space to pray as much as the Muslims deserve their mosques in Bogor.

Our government, especially our law enforcements have failed numerous times to discipline anarchist group, (YES THAT ONE), that despite their obvious records of mistreatment, disrespect, violence, and their apparent objection to the state’s ideology, they still remain part of our society. In fact, they have grown across our nation, recruiting unemployed, lazy, and angry men into their absurd mission; which I believe, is to impose Islamic law across the archipelago, so that they can have four wives, tens of mistresses, and enough kids to run the new branch they are opening.

(Okay, so I make the last part up.)

Then there is this ‘tradition’ if I may call it that, that whenever a criminal is spotted, local residents have the ‘right’ to somehow beat the man to death, when they could just catch the man, and hand him over to the authorities. Reports have often surfaced that ‘responsible men are detained’ but after that, no follow up stories whether these ‘thief-beaters’ are jailed, or released.

Gede Margarana Jaya, that’s the name of the man that became victim to such riot.

He wasn’t a thief. He wasn’t a criminal. In fact, he was part of a force that is supposed to maintain peace and order in case of a riot.

The time before he was violently beaten by a bunch of mob, he was just going for lunch, and happened to have a fight with the security of a mall. I don’t know what happened in between, but the security then yelled that he was a ‘thief’.

Soon after;  tens of men, tens of legs, a lot of blood. You get the story.

Gede died, and his families had to watch how their kid died on national television.

If I have to point fingers on who is to blame on this incident, I may need more than my two hands.

It was not only the mobs, and the stupid security that are to blame. It is the bystanders, the public, the law enforcement, the government, the media, the education system, basically, the whole of us, because we are failing as a system. We are failing as a civilization.

We could have prevented the death of a man, and the sorrow of the parents just by a simple act of compassion, and sensibility.

The answers to most of our social dysfunction are in the hands of most of us. Why aren’t they solved? Because only so few of us are doing something to correct it.

Our enemy is not Israel, the West, Communism, IMF, or President Bush – our enemy (or enemies, actually) is part of us.

It’s time to wake up, silent Indonesians.

Deepest condolences go out to the family of Gede Margarana Jaya. This post is dedicated to him, and the family.

Not forgetting, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, thank you for what you have contributed.

We hope you come back.


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